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DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEWyolman design property

The Domain is an exclusive community for people with an environmental consciousness and self-sustaining spirit. It will be the Caribbean’s first totally green and off the grid residential development. By utilizing strong trade winds and sun light as an abundant and reliable source of renewable energy and coupled with the strongest structure ever devised, the geodesic dome, this development showcases doing more with less and energy freedom.

Eight residential lots range from one half to a third of an acre. Zoning is R-2 permitting two units per lot. Elevations vary from 100 to 650 feet above sea level. Lots enjoy an eastern orientation with scenic views of Coral Bay Harbor, the Sir Francis Drake Passage and many of the British Virgin Islands. Experience incredibly colorful sunrises and clear full moon risings while hearing soothing sounds of the surf reaching the shoreline of Saunders Bay. And feel the steady southeast breezes.

Eight duplex residences are one bedroom, one bath comprising 900 sq ft of living area and 200 sq ft of usable loft area. They are designed to be cost effective and efficient in construction methods, mechanical systems and operational expenses. Each duplex will share a pool, deck, bbq and bar area.


The Domain is located in Saunders Gut, Coral Bay on the island of St John, Virgin Islands. The land measures 5 acres with a steep topography. Property fronts Route #107 and Coral Bay Harbor with public bus line serving Salt Pond and Cruz Bay. It is within walking distance of “Downtown Coral Bay” featuring restaurants, bars, numerous retail shops, services and a gourmet market. Cruz Bay is a 25 minute ride, Health Clinic 20 minutes and St Thomas airport an hour and a half.

The structure is a 34’ diameter geodesic dome. Developed by Buckminster Fuller, geodesic domes are the most efficient way to enclose space. A geodesic dome uses a pattern of self-bracing triangles in a spherical pattern that gives maximum structural advantage, thus using the least materials possible. Exterior loads are distributed throughout the dome shell, utilizing the entire structure. They get stronger and cheaper per unit of volume as their size increases. Domes are self-supporting and do not require any interior supports. Air circulates, whether heated or cooled, more freely within the spherical shape eliminating dead air pockets thereby minimizing the use of energy. And with the top of the dome vented, a Bernoulli effect is created producing passive cooling.
An easy illustration would be taking one hundred lineal feet configured in a square which would yield 625 sq ft. Configured in a circle yields 800 sq ft. By using the same amount of materials you encompass nearly a third more space. Conversely domes enclose the most volume with the least surface resulting in less exposure to the elements. Thus, any dome that is a portion of a sphere has the least surface through which to intercept potentially damaging winds.

There has been no report of hurricane damage to a properly designed and erected geodesic dome. They have served atop mountains, sheltered Arctic radar installations, and even one at the South Pole. Earthquakes cannot damage them unless the ground opens up and swallows the foundation

solar systemsENERGY SOURCE

Each residence’s power will be generated by Mother Nature, abundant wind and sunlight. A vertical wind generator and solar cell system will provide 100% electricity.

Wind turbines convert wind energy to electricity. They have only a few moving parts making maintenance minimal and they operate automatically. The output from the turbine is fed into the household wiring at the breaker panel. The house is served simultaneously by the wind turbine and solar cells. wind generator

Advantages include, steady trade winds offering free wind fuel, no dependence on fossil fuels and elimination of utility bills.

With the intense daily level of sunlight we have in the Caribbean, a solar photovoltaic cell system is another logical choice. The system converts sun light directly into electrical energy which is then stored in batteries for use.

Advantages include power during storm outages, avoid brown outs, unexpected interruptions in service and creation of pollution-free electricity.


Water will be supplied by capture of rain water from the dome shell and stored in a 5,000 gallon cistern. Hot water will be heated by solar energy. Solar hot water refers to water heated by solar energy. Solar Energy systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water system to move the heat from the collector to its point of usage, and a reservoir or tank for heat storage and subsequent use.

Advantages include, the sun is a free fuel, the Caribbean has regular days of intense sunlight and no seasonal fluctuations in temperature, is non polluting, no dependency on utility companies and minimal maintenance of system.


Each dwelling unit will incorporate the Equaris BMRC Wastewater and Greywater Treatment System. It separates and treats at the source reducing residential water consumption by 95% and can produce clean safe potable water for the entire household.

Because this technology reduces, reuses and recycles it is sustainable and cost less than conventional water and sewage systems while dramatically reducing water usage and treating all organic wastes. The system combines the logic of waste separation and Mother Nature’s principles of composting and extended aeration to safely, efficiently and economically reduce water consumption and environmental pollution.

Advantages include, elimination of septic tanks and leach fields, converts 90 to 95 percent of all toilet and kitchen organic waste to odorless carbon dioxide and water vapor, 40 to 90 percent reduction in water consumption, is totally automatic, minimal maintenance and has a fifty year guarantee.
subdivision siteplan

condo floorplantypical house


Wood Floors
Carpeted Loft
Kitchen & Bath Custom Wood Cabinetry
Marble Tops
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Aide 22 cu ft Refrigerator
Kitchen Aide Gas Range/oven
Exhaust Fan
Double Sink w/ Disposal
Over/under Washer Dryer
One Hexagon 6’ Skylight
Insulated Shell
Two ceiling Fans
Built-in Bed Platform
Built-in Eating Booth
Built-in Communication/plan Area
Custom Wood Trim
High Impact Fixed Glass
Wood Jalouse Windows
Glass Block
Outdoor Shower
Covered Deck Areas
Shared Pool
Shared BBQ & Bar

Design Build’s Office is located at Coccoloba Plaza, Coral Bay, St John VI.

Mailing Address: Yolman Design Build, 16213 Spring Garden,
St John, VI 00830-9525

Phone & Fax #: 340-779-7445



Sales Price – Pre Construction $397,500
Down Payment @ 20% $ 79,500
Mortgage – 30 yr $318,000
Monthly Payment @ 6% $ 1,910
Yearly Payments $ 22,920


Average Weekly Rental $ 2,000
Occupancies @ 70% = 37 weeks
Gross Income $ 74,000


Management Fee @ 20% $ 14,890
Maintenance @ 10% $ 7,450
Utilities $ 0
Insurance @ 3% $ 11,925
Taxes $ 1,000
Association Fees $ 1,200
Total $ 36,465


Gross Rental Income $ 74,000
Rental Expenses -$ 36,465
Mortgage Cost -$ 22,920
Total $ 14,615


$ 14,615 per year Profit @ $397,500 = 3.67%
$ 14,615 per year Profit @ $ 79,500 = 18.38 %

A 79,500 cash investment yields a 18% return. Secure 79,500 equity in the property. Yearly appreciation. Fifteen weeks a year availability for the owners use.

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